Commerical Cleaning

Just about every commercial business needs to look it’s best to grow into profitability. From restaurants to commercial retail spaces, cleanliness matters and it is noticed by your customers. Leaving the cleaning duties to your employees can lead to a reduction in work productivity and long days for your staff. Taking on the job yourself can also be exhausting so leave it up to us!

We offer professional cleaning at its best by an expert team and the most advanced cleaning equipment available. We can take on the biggest jobs with our heavy-duty cleaning products and tools to get your business looking perfect every day. A clean business is a successful business. You are welcoming your customers to a spotless and healthy environment they can enjoy, so they will be more likely to return.

Our cleaning system includes a combination of advanced disinfecting chemistry, tools and cleaning protocols to remove the maximum amount of soil and help reduce the risk of illness in order to create a clean facility. And, when delivered frequently, can help combat the spread of germs that can lead to viruses and disease.

We use:

  • Hospital-grade disinfectants
  • Color-coded Microfiber cloths (traps 99% of dirt)
  • Microfiber NO DIP flat mops (no cross contamination)
  • HEPA Vacuum (traps 99.7% airborne allergens)

Let Royal Maintenance and Cleaning take care of your commercial cleaning needs and watch your staff smile more, see your customer base continue to grow, and feel more focused on what you do best.